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AppsWiz Newsletter July

Just in case you missed it.

In this issue:

1. How to build your own app
2. Mobile App News
3. Tutorial of the Month
4. App of the Month
5. AppsWiz Moved

Wiz Over

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100 Followers on Twitter

And we didn't even try hard. It's nice to be so popular.

The RealAppsWiz

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AppsWiz engages in Social Media

Yes, that's right. We are doing it too.

You can now follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, (check out some screen shots of our recent App Creations), YouTube (check out some amazing Tutorials on how to build your on app and subscribe to our channel).

Wiz over


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Appswiz Website Launched

Today we have finally launched the official AppsWiz website in Australia: This is where all the magic starts and where everyone can access the famous App Designer. There is heaps of information about why SMEs need an app, how to create an app, how to distribute your individual app and much more.

Stay tuned for lots more to come.

The App Wizards

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Seymour Toyota promotes their app

Here is a cool new video by Seymour Toyota which includes our app.

(insert video here)

You can download the app itself here!

Wiz Over

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