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New Modules for the AppDesigner

Our talented app wizards have created new modules specifically for car dealerships and real estate agents:

1. Book Service: This module allows the app user to directly make a service appointment with their favourite car dealer. Your customers will never have to wait on hold again, just to make an appointment.

2. Automotive: This module enables car dealers to display and update their entire vehicle inventory. This includes several images, car descriptions and automatic updates. With one click the app user can book a test drive or contact the dealership.

3. Property Rentals: This module allows real estate agents to present all their properties for rent in a mobile app. It incorporates detailed descriptions, multiple images and means for contacting the corresponding agent. Property updates are instantly fed into the app and available for all users.

4. Property Sales: This module allows real estate agents to present all their properties for sale in a mobile app with various galleries and detailed descriptions. Property updates are instantly fed into the app and available for all users.

But try it for yourself here!

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Smartphone numbers on the double


Good News for the app industry:According to an recent article of the Australian Financial Review smartphones will play a leading role in changing consumers' behaviour over the next four years as the number of these gadgets in use more than doubles (Corrigan, 2011).

Essentials from the article:

1. There will be more people connected to news sites via apps and the mobile web than through computers by 2014. Businesses not prepared for this transition will have major difficulties staying in the market.

2. Apple is expected to retain its place at the head of the Australian smartphone market for at least another three years.

3. 'Once people have bought a lot of apps and got used to the system, they are reluctant to buy them again on another platform.'

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App feedback from Seymour Toyota

Hey everyone,

Here is some great feedback from Seymour Toyota and 5 reasons why every car dealer should have an app:

"1. Image - to be on the App Store is a bit of a buzz and adds credibility to your online/technology image.  It sets us ahead of the pack as progressive dealer.

2. Home screen of customers iphone's has our logo on it!! Every time they look at their phone we are there.

3. On vehicle handover, we show them how easy it is to download and teach them how to book in services or search for stock etc on the app.  It adds more interaction between the customer and dealership staff.  We achieve a different type of delivery experience.

4. All our staff have it on their phones and it creates a talking point with them and their network groups away from the dealership.

5. Cost is low compared to other forms of communication."

Adam Dove, General Manager

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Even More Apps

We just released these fine apps:

Grand Motors Toyota

Fountain Auction Academy


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New Apps Released

Three more magical apps have just been released to the App Store:

Westcoast BMW

Burswood Honda

Jerry Clayton BMW

Check them out!

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Newsletter October 2011

Just in case you missed this month issue of the AppsWiz Newsletter.

Content in this piece of art:

1. Mobile Industry News
2. "Does your Business need a native Mobile App?
3. Tutorial of the Month - Audio Broadcast
4. App of the Month - Autoclassic MINI
5. Quote of the Month - Pizza Hut CIO

Thanks to Tommy Tomson!

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Newsletter 4.pdf (161.23 kb)

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Seymour Toyota promotes their app

Here is a cool new video by Seymour Toyota which includes our app.

You can download the app itself here!

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Steve Jobs passed away

We are very sad to hear that the IT-industry and the entire world has lost a great visionary yesterday. The digital world would not be the same without him.

Here is a good article summing up his life and achievements.

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