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Why Every Business Needs to Create Mobile Apps

The mobile marketing revolution has become a global sensation, though for whatever reason Australia has lagged behind in utitlising mobile technology – until now. Australia is finally catching up and starting to take full advantage of everything that mobile marketing has to offer. In 2011, Google reported that Australia went from being miles behind in the “smartphone revolution” to now leading it.

What does this mean for your business? That the time to get in on the “smartphone revolution” is now.

Why You Need a Mobile Marketing Campaign

Did you know that Australia has the second highest smartphone penetration in the world, just falling a short distance behind Singapore? Almost everyone has a mobile device, and almost everyone is using it to shop. 95% of Australian smartphone users have said that they have used their phones to find information about local businesses in the area, and 88% have said that they used the information they found to take action (like make a purchase) within 24 hours (Google/Ipsos, 2011).

Mobile transactions are only continuing to increase, too. PayPal Australia reported in 2010 that mobile transactions had increased by 25% per month, meaning that more people are making purchases with their phones and mobile devices than ever before (PayPal Australia, 2011). Google reported in 2011 that 74% of mobile phone users are making purchases online (Google/Ipsos, 2011). When you consider how many people in Australia have a mobile phone, this number is huge.

Here are some other interesting stats from that same Google and Ipsos 2011 study that backs up the need for companies to leverage mobile marketing:

  • 27% of smartphone users who find a business of interest with their phones will call the business.
  • 35% will click on or visit a mobile advertiser’s site.
  • 42% of smartphone users who see a mobile ad will click on it.
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