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What You Need to Know About Getting an App for Your Business

One of the newest and most effective ways to reach out to your consumers is through mobile applications, more commonly referred to as “apps”. This post takes the reader through the ins-and-outs of getting an app for your business so that you can make a sound decision on which development company you choose to use. Below is an explanation of the benefits of apps, what you should be paying, where you should be paying it and how to find the best developer for your business.

The Benefit of Apps

There are a number of reasons why every company with an online presence should consider having an app built for their company, including:

  • Convenience: Having a mobile app that integrates directly with your website makes it easier for you and your customers to communicate information. This is particularly important if you haven’t fully optimised your website for smartphone users.
  • Exposure: Those who download your app will have your logo permanently placed on their device, which is invaluable brand awareness. Regardless of downloads, just having an app in the Android and Apple marketplace will broaden your online footprint – more than you probably ever thought possible.
  • A Boost in Revenue: Canalys reported as far back as June 2011 that apps will be bringing in $36.7 billion worldwide by 2015, and indications are that this was a conservative estimate. The possibility of securing a slice of those earnings is difficult to ignore. For the amount invested in developing a high quality app, most businesses will see a full ROI within 12-24 months from the day that the application hits the Android and/or Apple marketplace, especially when it is supported by a marketing plan for promoting the app.
  • Better Customer Service: Apps make it easy for companies to keep their customer service lines open 24/7. Sending an “IM” (instant message) through an app is far more convenient and customer-friendly than asking a customer to leave a phone message or send an email.
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