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Should I Use an App Development Company or a Contractor for my Business App?

Unless you have an in-house app developer, there are three main options for having a mobile app developed for your business:

  1. Use a development company
  2. Hire a local contractor to work in your office
  3. Outsource the work online

Today it is easier than ever to outsource work to an overseas contractor. However, more often than not the work is of poor quality or not what you were expecting despite clear instructions and you conclude that outsourcing was more trouble than it was worth.

Alternatively, you might decide to employ a local contractor to spend some time with your business and create an app. While the contractor might produce an impressive mobile app, there are some things you will miss out on by choosing this one-off transactional method. This post explains how AppsWiz, as a development company, differs from any individual developer.

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