About Us

Who is Appswiz?

Appswiz has developed more apps for Australian businesses than any other company. At Appswiz we believe that every business needs a mobile app. That’s why we’ve created an award winning system that takes all the hassle and expense out of building and maintaining a high quality, functional app that helps you engage with your customers. We live and breathe business mobile apps development and make access to the Google Play App Store and iTunes App Store affordable for small to medium businesses, so that they can compete with larger companies.

While we pride ourselves on being a mobile app development company for local Australian businesses, we have strong partnerships and international relationships to handle larger projects, with some high profile clients already in our portfolio.

As one of the earliest business mobile apps developers in Australia, we have worked with a large number of clients and have developed a library of over 50 Android and iOS features to make the mobile app development process quick and easy. Our largest verticals have been car dealerships, schools, charities, real estate agencies and radio stations but our range of client industries is rapidly growing and we enjoy the challenge of customising an app to any business’s needs.

Appswiz is part of the Informatel Group, founded in 1987, which includes Response Ready, WakeMe, Medicaller and ReadytoSMS.

620 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne VIC Australia 3004
Tel: +61 3 9510 2322
Email: info@appswiz.com
ABN: 43 142 341 679

Level 3 1 52nd Street
New York NY 10022
Email: support@appswiz.com


Other Businesses in the Informatel Group

Informatel Pty Ltd


Founded in 1987, Informatel is the premium provider of high capacity, fully integrated communication solutions for leading corporate and government organisations. Informatel focuses on providing intelligent and cost-effective communications solutions connecting our clients to their customers via any communication touch point. Through the use of these service offerings, we currently assist some of Australia’s largest corporations in improving the way they communicate with their customers, always with a focus on reliability. Informatel has more than 3,000 customers utilising its services and has developed extensive experience delivering high volume, highly secure & reliable applications and solutions for clients that include:

Response Ready

www.responseready.com Response Ready brings together all your touch points such as SMS, MMS, Email & Mobile App Alerts in a smart way. Giving you more control over the way you communicate with clients across all channels and also removing the need for multiple marketing silos within your business.


www.readytoSMS.com ReadytoSMS offers customers multiple solutions for communicating with customers through SMS. This includes SMS gateways, online SMS solutions, API services, desktop SMS services and many more.


www.wakeme.com.au/ WAKEME is a wake up call service that rings your mobile phone or Australian landline to make sure that you don’t miss that early meeting, flight or morning run. Unlike your bedside or mobile alarm clock, with wakeme.com.au you can set a large number of alarms for up to 6 months in advance and not have to worry about daylight savings. If you have something important to wake up for, just phone 1900 WAKEME or book online and sleep easier!


www.medicaller.com/ Medicaller is an automated call reminder service to a nominated landline or mobile phone that makes sure you or your loved ones don’t forget appointments, pills or other medical requirements.  A pre-selected voice message is played at the scheduled time/s. The service doesn’t contact any health provider or emergency service.