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Should I Use an App Development Company or a Contractor for my Business App?

Unless you have an in-house app developer, there are three main options for having a mobile app developed for your business:

  1. Use a development company
  2. Hire a local contractor to work in your office
  3. Outsource the work online

Today it is easier than ever to outsource work to an overseas contractor. However, more often than not the work is of poor quality or not what you were expecting despite clear instructions and you conclude that outsourcing was more trouble than it was worth.

Alternatively, you might decide to employ a local contractor to spend some time with your business and create an app. While the contractor might produce an impressive mobile app, there are some things you will miss out on by choosing this one-off transactional method. This post explains how AppsWiz, as a development company, differs from any individual developer.

We Offer a Full Mobile Solution

A development company generally has more resources than an individual and can provide a full service, including:

  • Marketing tools
  • Software updates
  • Data security
  • Customer service
  • E-commerce for in-app purchases.

Our Continued Relationship With You

A contractor will setup the app, charge you a one-off sum and then the business relationship will normally be over. You might continue talking to the contractor and use him or her whenever changes need to be made to the app but there is a clear problem with this approach. The contractor has enormous bargaining power to overcharge you for updates because he or she is the only one who can make those updates. AppsWiz instead charges a low monthly fee so that you can approach us as many times as you like and we will continually work on improving your app without it costing you for each update or bug fix.

Here are a few of the other benefits of a continued relationship with AppsWiz:

  • Unlimited free push notifications;
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee because we want our clients to spread only positive word-of-mouth about us; and
  • We aim to exceed expectations because we value testimonials and our great reputation.

Our Experience with App Development

  • AppsWiz has developed more apps for Australian businesses than any other company. Just search “AppsWiz” in the App Store and you will see many (but not all) of the apps we’ve made. One practical benefit of this experience is that we can tell you what app features you might want based on our experience and feedback with other clients’ apps.
  • Informatel – AppsWiz’s parent company – has been in the industry for over 25 years. These are some of the benefits of using Informatel’s resources:
    • Mass SMS integration
    • Mobile websites
    • Locator services
    • Safety nets to keep your information secure, and
    • Informatel understands small- to medium-sized businesses.

You can now see why it is a smart option to choose an ongoing relationship with a development company rather than hiring a local contractor or outsourcing your app development.


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