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How to Shop For a Great Mobile Application Developer

With the high growth of mobile, many businesses are looking to get a mobile app developed for their business.

This can be a potential minefield and there are some traps for the uninitiated.

So how do you know which app developer can do the best job for you?

Here are some important questions to ask mobile apps developers to help you distinguish the experts from the amateurs.

How long have you been developing mobile apps?

Experience is always important. The area of mobile app development is fairly new so having a background in telecommunications, software development and graphic design is a definite plus.

Will you strive to understand my business and my goals?

Being a good designer, a good coder or a good developer isn’t enough. A good creator of mobile apps should be a visionary: insightful and totally talented.

He or she should have the ability to understand your business and your goals and create an app that will truly add value to your company and make things convenient for your customers.

What is your development process?

Developing an app is an intricate process that involves certain tasks and terminologies that may seem foreign to you.

Your developer should provide you with an outline of the process written in layman’s terms. This will help you understand the process much better and avoid having the wrong expectations.

Can you supply me with a contact person?

Whether it’s the developer or a project manager or a marketing manager, you should be assigned with a primary point of contact that you can communicate with all throughout the project.

This way, the exchange of ideas and other information from the beginning of the project won’t get lost and that you’re totally comfortable when you talk to the person who “got it right” from the start of the project.

Can you offer me warranty?

Warranty is an important sign that the developer cares about your after-sales experience. Anything to do with software development involves certain complexities and there are issues that may appear after the release of your app.

It would be best if your developer specifies a period of time wherein he/she is available to fix any bugs that might show up.

Do you offer ongoing support?

Many developers lose interest once the app is handed over.  However, you need to know before you get your app built what sort of support you will get. You need to know if they charge for ongoing support or if support is included with the monthly hosting fee.

Are there any hidden costs?

Once an app is developed, it needs to be submitted to the various app stores for approval. There are fees associated with this.

You need to make sure that these additional submission costs have been included in the total quote.

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