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Worried about resources required to frequently update your app content?

Many businesses view apps as a hassle because they’re seen as just another medium requiring constant time and resources.

They fail to understand that as long as you work with a reputable app company, your new app can simply ‘pull’ content from your website, meaning there won’t be any duplicated effort, i.e. uploading new stock to websites for real estate agents.

Smart developers have created tools which automatically populate your app with information, social media links, contact details, maps, etc.

Your website’s data feeds can be programmed in so that app content is automatically updated in real-time. This also applies to any appointment functions, directories or ordering systems.

In short, an app shouldn't require much love from your busy staff.

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“Our business doesn’t have the budget for a fancy app”

The title of this post states the most common answer from companies to the question ‘to app or not to app’.

Depending on your app developer, costs can easily climb north of $30,000 or more. No wonder accountants break out in a sweat when the topic of an app surfaces.

But the good news is with the proliferation of mobile apps comes a bevy of app developers who understand that not every business is willing or able to spend thousands on a mobile app – which may only work on iPhones.

When you research developers for an app, look for those offering as much user-customisation as possible. This saves time and effort for the developers (who have already done this hard work), and thus slashes the cost of the development process.

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Mobile handsets & push alerts

It is important to note two facts in the mobile handset world i.e.

1. usage is continuing to accelerate with ‘over half a billion (526 million) mobile devices and connections’ added in 2013 (Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2013-2018, Feb 2014) and,

2. the speed of mobile handset release times are ever increasing.

These insights indicate that the push alerts tool is increasingly becoming more effective due to the rise in mobile devices resting in users' palms across borders and time-zones.

Push alerts are excellent as a communication and re-engagement tool. However, they are only effective when the app user is prompted ‘at the right place, at the right time, and regarding the right piece of information’.

A successful example is one from the financial industry by Bank of America where they inform customers’ of their weekly balances and any banking transactions via the push function.

At AppsWiz, our clients can login to their online dashboards at any time of the day to send real-time alerts to their app fans free of charge. Whether it be an upcoming VIP shopping event reminder, a limited-time offer or a special edition merchandise you are promoting, be sure to utilise this notification feature to always be in touch with your audience.

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Mobile Apps and Consumer Engagement

New Infographic explains the rising importance of mobile apps.

Here is the entire graphic.

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New Bathurst Toyota App Released

Fresh out of the app oven! Now available in the App Store.

Check it out!

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The Mobile Movement Study

Great Study from Google/IPSOS OTX MediaCT:

Grab it here: http://www.gstatic.com/ads/research/en/2011_TheMobileMovement.pdf

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5 Steps to creating your mobile app

Great article by SmallBiz - 5 Steps to creating your mobile app


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Smartphone numbers on the double


Good News for the app industry:According to an recent article of the Australian Financial Review smartphones will play a leading role in changing consumers' behaviour over the next four years as the number of these gadgets in use more than doubles (Corrigan, 2011).

Essentials from the article:

1. There will be more people connected to news sites via apps and the mobile web than through computers by 2014. Businesses not prepared for this transition will have major difficulties staying in the market.

2. Apple is expected to retain its place at the head of the Australian smartphone market for at least another three years.

3. 'Once people have bought a lot of apps and got used to the system, they are reluctant to buy them again on another platform.'

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Newsletter October 2011

Just in case you missed this month issue of the AppsWiz Newsletter.

Content in this piece of art:

1. Mobile Industry News
2. "Does your Business need a native Mobile App?
3. Tutorial of the Month - Audio Broadcast
4. App of the Month - Autoclassic MINI
5. Quote of the Month - Pizza Hut CIO

Thanks to Tommy Tomson!

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Newsletter 4.pdf (161.23 kb)

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Seymour Toyota promotes their app

Here is a cool new video by Seymour Toyota which includes our app.


You can download the app itself here!

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