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App feedback from Seymour Toyota

Hey everyone,

Here is some great feedback from Seymour Toyota and 5 reasons why every car dealer should have an app:

"1. Image - to be on the App Store is a bit of a buzz and adds credibility to your online/technology image.  It sets us ahead of the pack as progressive dealer.

2. Home screen of customers iphone's has our logo on it!! Every time they look at their phone we are there.

3. On vehicle handover, we show them how easy it is to download and teach them how to book in services or search for stock etc on the app.  It adds more interaction between the customer and dealership staff.  We achieve a different type of delivery experience.

4. All our staff have it on their phones and it creates a talking point with them and their network groups away from the dealership.

5. Cost is low compared to other forms of communication."

Adam Dove, General Manager

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