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General Questions

  • App vs mobile website?

    An app is downloaded and stored on a mobile device. It can be used offline and receive real-time push notifications, and can track download analytics.

    However, a mobile website you must be connected to the internet to use and cannot access any advance functionality like push notifications or camera usage.

  • How long to build my app?

    We take two-three weeks to design, develop and publish your app.

  • IP ownership

    All content inside your app belongs to you and will never be used by us for any other purpose other than to populate and interact with your app. Likewise, all branding specific to your business or organization remains your property. As AppsWiz has invested heavily in our platform in order to offer low cost, high values apps to our customers the code that makes up the app remains the property of AppsWiz.

  • Where to download my app?

    Client apps are featured in both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

App Features

  • What is the process of building my app?

    Upon receiving your app request, we will work with you to create an app brief. We will also request specific content (company info pdfs, images etc.) to customize your app. It will take two-three weeks (for a normal app) to be built and we have a final approval process before we publish your app.

    Also see How it Works.

  • What features will my app have?

    We use our knowledge in your industry to tailor your app to your needs. We provide over 45+ app features and our most popular.

    Please view our full list of app features.

  • What type of security do you have?

    AppsWiz takes security very seriously. All of our services are hosted in a facility exceeding PCI DSS and HIPAA standards. Transmission of all data between our services and our apps is encrypted using 128 bit SSL and sensitive data, usernames, passwords and the like, are never transferred to the apps.

    Nevertheless no guarantee can or is made as to the event, however small we consider it, of such data being completely not accessible and this is understood by the parties as a risk of doing business.


  • What does my monthly support fee include?

    The $97 per month fee includes: Your app, access to new features & improvements, automatic updates for all devices, hosting & security, phone & email customer service, how-to-guides, video tutorials (coming soon) and exclusive monthly newsletters.

  • Do I have to sign a yearly contract?

    No contracts. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. No hidden fees.

  • What if I want custom features?

    We have built a range of customised apps with unique features and will continue to innovate to ensure your customised requests are met. Please have a chat with one of our friendly tech Wizards who will be more than happy to help!


  • How does the analytics work?

    Our client dashboard captures figures such as apps downloaded on different platforms and displays these analytics to assist with your metrics reporting. We are working on providing you with a larger and more in-depth range of analytics measures.

  • Who is the support team?

    Our support team is based in Melbourne and will respond to your request within 24-48 hours. Get in touch via support@appswiz.com or ring 1300 APPS WIZ (1300 1777 949) or +61 3 9510 2322 and ask for Katrina or Evan.

  • How do I change the features in my app?

    AppsWiz’s template builder is one with a DIY-nature. Log onto the App Designer for access into the client dashboard where you can make instant changes to your app and its features. Alternatively, drop us an email or give our support staff a ring at 1300 APPS WIZ (1300 1777 949) or +61 3 9510 2322 so we can help with your query.

Graphic & App Design

  • How do my graphics get created?

    Our in house design team will use your logos / branding and work with you to achieve the right look for your app. You have final approval of all graphics.

  • How many revisions do I get on my graphics?

    Our clients are entitled to 2 free graphic revisions each year. This covers the app icon, start up and home screen images.

Push Alerts

  • What are they?

    Push notifications allow an app to notify app users of new notifications or events in real-time, without requiring the user to open the app itself. These alerts come in the form of a badge, alert or pop up message.

  • How do I send push alerts?

    Sign in to access your dashboard. Send push alerts via simple messaging tool in the dashboard.

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