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Growing Mobile Apps Functions For Tablets

Technology analyst firm Telyste conducted a study on mobile devices and found that more than 1.4 million mobile tablets were sold in Australia last year, representing an annual growth of more than 330%. This year, the same firm expects that more than 2 million tablets will be sold nationally.

Advancements in technology have led countless opportunities for mobile marketers, media publishers and businesses to deliver their content via dedicated applications.

Many mobile application developers would attest to the growth of branded apps hoping not just for promotional purposes, but for satisfying their businesses’ existing customer or client base. For instance, a retail company selling apparel and shoes vested on a mobile app that intends to showcase their new collections with fabric information, sizing, and stock availability; share the products via integration to various social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest; send targeted alerts to customers or resellers about promotions and new stocks; as well as the ability to shop using the app itself.

At AppsWiz, we have created a large number of apps for Apple and Android tablets, all of which have access to the rich range of features that we offer for smartphone apps, including:

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