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How Mobile Apps Can Help Your Business

The rise of the mobile devices – such as iPad, iPhone and Android phones – has significantly altered how people all over the world communicate and gather information.

Not so long ago, we relied on computers to access the Internet and land line telephones to do long distance calls. Not any more.

Now, billions of people worldwide are using smart phones and tablets to browse the Internet.

And it’s not just while they are on the go. It is also when they are sitting at home watching TV.

The main reason why mobile devices are being used so much more today is mobile apps.

Anyone who has ever used a smartphone or tablet knows what they are: those nifty applications you install on your device that allow you to do things like:

  • Play games
  • Check out the weather
  • Add notes
  • Access your email, and
  • Book appointments online.

Apart from entertaining you, mobile apps also enable you to have quicker and easier access to online services that you normally access via desktop or laptop computers.

For this reason, a lot of businesses are rushing to have their own mobile apps created.


  • It’s the easiest way to reach customers
  • It’s fast – faster than computer or mobile web browsing
  • It’s a convenient way to store data offline
  • It’s one of the most affordable and effective ways to advertise your business
  • The market is getting more competitive and businesses need to reinvent new ways of engaging their customers

Mobile apps make it easier for your business to connect with customers

Here are some ways that mobile apps can help your business:

  • Generate business back by sending out marketing messages, giving loyalty discounts & showcasing your latest products or services coupons
  • Generate business back by sending out sales, loyalty discounts & coupons
  • Make your services more accessible by having a constantly open portal for new and existing customers
  • Quickly touch base with prospects and customers with push notifications & SMS messages who are always on the go
  • Establish a strong brand identity and be top of mind because your brand is on their smart phone once they have downloaded your app (you are literally in the palm of their hands)
  • Send customers reminder notifications
  • Ensure your messages are seen
  • Keep your brand image fresh and up to date with the latest technology
  • Build and establish lasting customer relationships

Mobile apps make it easier for your customers

Your customers can:

  • Easily check out your products, catalogues, anytime day and night
  • Receive instant notifications about sales, new products and other events
  • Get in touch with you or your customer service staff more easily
  • Set up quick appointments quickly and conveniently without having to contact anyone
  • Locate your business more easily with maps that direct them to your location
  • Have access to all of the above wherever they are

Whether you own a car dealership, a dental clinic, a restaurant or even a real estate agency, a mobile app can help your business.  It is just a matter of customizing it to suit your business.


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