Preferred Suppliers

AppsWiz has developed a number of preferred supplier relationships and negotiated discounted rates or offers for app-related services for our clients.

Visual Domain

Visual Domain specialises in the production of high quality, cost effective promotional videos for inclusion on apps, websites, YouTube channels, etc.

Telco Together

Telco Together is an organisation that has partnered with AppsWiz to offer charities and not-for-profits information about the benefits of apps, and a cost effective way to create apps.


Shopify offers a trusted online shopping cart solution for businesses that wish to sell products directly to their customers. AppsWiz has integrated the Shopify platform module into its apps. If your business could benefit from an online store solution, contact Shopify.


Cliniko makes practice management software for Healthcare Practitioners around the world. AppsWiz has integrated Cliniko into its apps platform to make it easy for Cliniko clients to sync their apps with their practice appointment and other systems.

Everyday Hero

Everyday Hero is a donations platform which has also been integrated into the AppsWiz platform. This program allows charities and not-for-profits to offer a quick and secure way for their supporters to make donations via their apps.

Center for the Digital Future

Appswiz are proud to partner with one of the world's leading providers of digital research and strategy. The Center for the Digital Future draws on extensive proprietary data on digital technologies and user behavior to explore current business realities and predict developments critical to the success of consumer-facing brands.